Transportation Department

  • Please use the information below to access the 2020 - 2021 Student Transportation Request Form. 

    Update for 2020-2021 school year: 

    CSD's transportation department is now using the Predictable Ryde Bus tracking app 

    If you would like to participate in the CSD Virtual Meal Plan delivery via CSD buses to your home bus stop, or to participate in the "fly-brary" mobile book deliver from your school's media center, please register for the predictable ryde app.
    If you need to find your bus route/zone during virtual school, you can see the current bus route map here: 

    CSD virtual bus routes 2020-2021
    To view a larger version of this map, please click here: Bus Route Map as of August 31, 2020.

    Click the link below to find the 2020-2021 routes schedules for Meal deliveries and for Books.
    *Please note: These routes times may not be completely accurate. Please check your Predictable Ryde App for the exact location of your bus.  

    Once CSD returns to in-person instruction, this app will be used to track your student's buses. 


    To register and set up your Predictable Ryde Bus Tracking App: 

    1. First, click here to register for the predictable ryde app

    2. Next, after registering, please see the instructions here to properly set up your app. *Please have your student ID number ready in order to register.  

    3. Then, open your app and become familiar with it before the first day you plan to track your bus route. 

    CSD Transportation Department: 

    To deliver students safely to their destinations on time and in a frame of mind ready to learn.

    To provide safe and efficient transportation that meets all of the requirements of the daily instructional programs and extra-curricular activities.

    “Delivering Our Very Best”


Contact Us

  • Transportation Director

    LoWanda Bowman- Brown

    770-237-0638 x 7602


    Transportation Supervisor

    Bruce Briggs

    470-237-0368 x 7604


    Transportation Administrative/

    Field Trip Specialist

    Melita Jones

    470-237-0368 x 7601


    CSD Transportation Office

    540 Kentucky Street

    Scottdale, Georgia 30079