What happens if my student does not meet the annual continuation criteria?

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If a student does not meet continuation criteria at the end of the school year, the parent will be notified that the student will be placed on probation for one year. During that probationary period, the gifted program teacher and regular education teachers will develop an Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) in conjunction with student and parents. If after one semester on probation the student is not demonstrating improvement (e.g., growth on MAP testing, grades improving, effort improving), then a conference will be held to put additional interventions in place. A student must demonstrate improvement by the end of the year to remain in the gifted program. If after one year that student on probation does not demonstrate improvement, that student shall not continue in the gifted program.  As long as growth is evident, the AIP and probation in the gifted program may be continued. The student will be reinstated into the gifted program in good standing once he/she meets requirements of the regular continuation policy.