How is mental ability evaluated?

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a. If Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) data from system- wide testing (grades 1, 3, 6) is less than two calendar years old, those scores will be used.

b. If the CogAT or other provided mental ability testing data is more than two years old, another CogAT will be administered as part of the screening process prior to referral for evaluation.

c. If a student has testing accommodations documented in a 504 or IEP that cannot be met in system-wide CogAT administration, an individual test of mental ability will be administered by a psychologist (e.g. Wechsler Intelligence scale for children Fifth Edition (WISC-V) or Differential Abilities Scale, Second Edition (DAS-II)).

d. If the student is from one of the currently underrepresented populations in gifted education, and the student demonstrates evidence of strength in nonverbal skills, a test of nonverbal intelligence (e.g. TONI-4 or UNIT) may be used as a second measure of mental ability.

e. If a student scores between the 93rd – 95th percentiles on a first measure of mental ability, and if the student has qualifying scores in at least two other areas of eligibility (achievement, creativity, and/or motivation), then a second measure of mental ability will be given (such as CogAT, DAS-II, WISC-V, or TONI-4, dependent on student’s first measure).