How is achievement evaluated?

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a. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores will be used for both math and reading for students in grades 2-10. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores will be used for math for students in kindergargen and first grade.

b. MAP reading scores cannot be used for kindergarten or first grade students due to the fact that the entire reading section is read aloud to the students in kindergarten and first grade. The reading sections of the Iowa Assessments will be administered for first grade students and spring kindergarten students. An individually administered test of reading academic achievement (ex. KTEA-3, WIAT-3, or WJ-IV) will be administered for fall kindergarten students if they do not have a qualifying MAP Math score.

c. For students in grades 10-12, if a MAP score is not available or is older than two years old, then PSAT or SAT scores will be used. If PSAT or SAT scores are unavailable, then an individually administered test of academic achievement will be used (ex. KTEA-3, WIAT-3, WJ-IV). 

e. If a student’s academic achievement testing score is at or above the 90th percentile rank in reading and/or math, it is a qualifying score.

f. If at student does not meet eligibility criteria in the area of achievement but meets eligibility criteria in two other areas (mental ability, creativity, or motivation), then the student’s MAP scores will be monitored for the next year as additional measures of achievement.