How is motivation evaluated?

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a. The Gifted & Talented Specialist will distribute Gifted Rating Scales (K-5) or Gifted Evaluation Scales (6-12) to a minimum of two teachers who have worked with the student in the past year. These will be filled out individually, not as a group with shared information. Teachers’ names will not be shared, and their identity will not be revealed to parents. The highest score of the two rating scales given will be used as the student’s score.

b. If a student scores at or above the 90%ile, it is a qualifying score.

c. If the student’s score is between the 80%ile and the 89%ile, OR the student is from a group underrepresented in gifted services, AND the student has qualifying scores in two other areas (mental ability, achievement, or motivation), then a standardized motivation interview will be administered as a second measure of motivation. A panel of three trained raters will evaluate the student’s responses using a standardized rubric.