Can I appeal for additional evaluation after receiving the gifted evaluation and eligibility results

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Appeals for additional evaluation may be made to the System Appeals Committee via the District Gifted & Talented Coordinator within 30 days of receipt of gifted evaluation results. Parents, teachers, or administrators may appeal for additional evaluation (a second measure) if they present compelling evidence that renders a particular measure invalid and there is compelling evidence of giftedness in two of the other three areas assessed. Examples of evidence that might render a test invalid include: a doctor's note confirming the child was not well on the day of testing, teacher observation of illness during the test, or documentation of family trauma the week of testing. The System Appeals Committee will carefully consider appeals.  This committee is chaired by the Superintendent of Schools and includes the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching & Learning and the Director of Instructional Programs.  This team will decide what additional measures will be administered if the appeal is granted. If an appeal is granted, parents will sign consent before any additional evaluation. The evaluation that follows will be considered one of the three times a student may be evaluated for the purpose of gifted eligibility.