RMS Distance Learning Update for March 30, 2020

From Mr. Wiseman


Happy Monday Renfroe Middle School!!

Since today is the first day of our new academic schedule, I wanted to reach out to y'all to remind you of a few things.

Our 1-stop resource for all RMS Distance Learning information can be found here. It is an evolving website for parents and students to get the information you need to successfully navigate the world of distance learning at Renfroe. PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE and refer back to it for more updates.

RMS teachers started to post mandatory, new learning for students today. Teachers will post the week’s work no later than 8:00 AM every Monday morning. 

For now, RMS teachers will NOT be providing real-time, synchronous lessons. They do have the ability to video record and post lessons to Google Classroom. In addition, teachers will be able to "meet" with small groups of their students in real-time to answer questions and to clarify concepts in a small setting. Look for more on this from the individual teachers as they roll this out.

Our priority now is to provide accessible and meaningful work for students to engage in, while we ensure all students are safe, healthy, connected, and have all the materials and equipment they need. For now, assignments will be checked formatively, while summative assessments will occur later.

All assignments will be communicated via Google Classroom, a shared Google Doc, or via Gmail. Students: CHECK YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL EVERYDAY.

Have a great week of distance learning!

Greg Wiseman


The Following Schedule is When Students Should Work on Their Assingments


Daily Expectations for Students

  • Complete assignments daily or weekly depending on the teacher’s directions. The assignments are mandatory and, where indicated, will be graded.
  • Submit assignments by the due date.
  • Check school email regularly.
  • Maintain academically honest behaviors.
  • Use teacher office hours as a time to ask questions.