New School Year Begins

Posted by Rochelle Lofstrand on 7/9/2018

Happy July and 2018-2019 school year!  I hope you are all having a fun summer with family and friends!  I wanted to update you on staff changes and EL Education Credentialing news!  

I am so excited about the teachers joining our WE Crew this year!  We are attracting some of the most talented educators from around the state.  Please join me in welcoming them to Westchester:

  • Hillary Seides - Kindergarten - Mrs. Seides is joining us from Dekalb County.  She has her own YouTube Channel (Teaching Without Frills) where she shares her vast knowledge of writing with students, teachers, and parents.  
  • Judith Rhodes Gonzalez - Spanish - Ms. Gonzalez taught part-time at Westchester two years ago.  She has also taught at Glennwood, Clairemont, and F. Ave.  We are so excited to have her musical talents and knowledge of CSD and EL Education! 
  • Jeanne Renaux - 2nd Grade - Ms. Renaux is joining us from working in an EL school in Arizona.  She has a strong professional background in the performing arts and is excited about continuing the arts integration work we have begun here at WE.  Ms. Renaux also created a performance based literacy program called Stories Alive which allows students to see their writing come to life!  
  • Lori Bigham - 2nd Grade - Ms. Bigham is a former WE parent who is joining us from the United Arab Emirates.  She is excited about bringing her world-wide experiences into our school and into her classroom! 
  • Dawn Stephen - 3rd Grade - Mrs. Stephen is joining us from Drew Charter School where she worked as their literacy coach.  We now have three former instructional coaches teaching our 3rd grade classes!  Mrs. Stephen along with Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Frix have already been working to create an exceptional year for our third graders.  
  • Christie Manasso - Instructional Coach - Mrs. Manasso is a Decatur resident who is joining us from Clairemont where she worked as an EIP teacher and RtI Coordinator.  Mrs. Manasso is excited about bringing her vast classroom and EL Education experience to Westchester! 

We were sad that some of our teachers left last year but it is very exciting to see the talents, diversity, and professionalism that is joining our crew this year!  

Other exciting news . . . we have received approval from EL Education to move forward with our credentialing portfolio/presentation.  Our teachers and staff have been working very hard this past year to 'show' how our students have grown because of EL Education implementation.  To be a credentialed EL Education school starting our 5th year is simply amazing!  I look forward to sharing more info about this process and achievement in the coming weeks!  
Your summer mailings will be sent out the end of next week but please mark your calendars for July 31st at 4:00 PM for 'Meet & Greet' and August 1st at 7:30 AM for our first day of school.  
Year 5 is the Power of WE!