What is a reimbursable meal?

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A reimbursable meal means the student takes 3 of the 5 components available to them before leaving the lunch line, and 1 of those 3 components MUST be a fruit or vegetable. Here are some examples: if a student takes a hamburger (grain + meat/meat alternate) and an apple (fruit), then they have received 3 of the 5 meal components and their meal is reimbursable, so they would not be charged anything. However if a student takes a hamburger (grain component + meat/meat alternate component) and a milk (milk component), they have received 3 components but none of the 3 is a fruit or vegetable. In this situation we ask students if they want the vegetable for the day or a fruit, so their meal has a fruit/vegetable component and we don't have to charge them individually for buying an entree and a milk.