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A Peek into a Reading WIN Time Class!

The WIN reading classrooms have been bursting with energy and excitement lately! Mr. Gillham’s WIN squad has sharpened their inference skills while solving intriguing mysteries. Ms. Crockett's class has been exploring figurative language with "The Secret Sheriff of 6th Grade" by Jordan Sonnenblick, while Dr. Williams and Ms. Pierre's classrooms are investigating apartheid in South Africa while reading Trevor Noah's critically acclaimed memoir, "Born a Crime." Meanwhile, in other reading WIN sessions, our students are actively involved in analyzing morphology and the formation of words. Every time students add a new word to their toolbox, they're unlocking a world of wonder. With every new word, they build pathways, opening doors to the intricacies of our world. To top it off, some WIN reading groups have been flexing their vocab muscles with the quiz bowl, diving headfirst into intense competition, with their eyes on the prize.