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Staff Spotlight Ms. Crockett!

🔦Staff Spotlight BHMS Celebrates Ms. Crockett🔦

Let's throw a round of applause to Erin Crockett for snagging the "Beacon" Spotlight of the week! Mrs. Crockett is a true gem to BHMS. Her caring and principled nature makes her a standout member of the BHMS teaching community. Before this year, Mrs. Crockett spent many years teaching in the BHMS special education department. This year, she switched to teaching Studio Art, where she gets to inspire students to unleash their artistic talents and embrace their unique selves. Beyond the classroom, Ms. Crockett dedicates her time to making BHMS a positive place to work and learn. She's an active member of the PBIS committee, co-sponsors the Art Club, and coaches for BHMS Heart and Sole. Bravo, Ms. Crockett!