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Teacher Spotlight- Angelina Prophet

Teacher Spotlight Angelina Prophet!

This week's teacher spotlight is on 7th grade ELA teacher Angelina Prophet. When Mrs. Prophet moved over from FAVE to BHMS to join our 7th grade ELA team she brought with her the ability to model IB learner profile traits of inquiry, principled, and risk taker. Mrs. Prophet played a critical role in encouraging students to participate in the district King awards competition. As the 7th grade team was collaboratively planning their most recent unit, Mrs. Prophet highlighted the opportunity to incorporate the CSD King Award competition into the students’ choice options to extend the work they were doing in the classroom. The CSD King award competition is meant to motivate our BHMS bulldogs to be principled, thinking, open-minded citizens who advocate for positive change. Mrs. Prophet is a phenomenal advocate for every child at BHMS, and brings an enthusiasm for teaching that is invaluable. We’re so glad you’ve joined the BHMS Bulldog team!