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Teacher Spotlight: Math Department

This week's teacher spotlight is on the math department for going the extra mile this year with professional learning! The department, as a whole, has shown the learner profile attributes of inquirers, knowledgeable, and reflective. As the department prepares to implement new standards next school year, they have engaged in professional development outside of the CSDU time. All attended a full day training from the Georgia Department of Education.


Below are some examples of the work that demonstrated the leadership across our math department:

  • Continuing their own education

    • 8th grade members engaged in math certification courses to support the Enhanced math course for next school year

    • Enrollment in the District Leadership course, Gifted Certification program and even law school!

  • Volunteering time after school with the math club- MATH Counts

  • Coordinating the Extended Day Tutoring program

  • Coaching track and cross country runners

  • Serving on our BHMS SLT

  • Collaborative work during our MYP IB planning days this week


Thanks to our BHMS Math Department! Your work and dedication to our students is evident.