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BOE Statement on Superintendent Search

The City Schools of Decatur Board of Education is committed to performing a robust national search for Superintendent. We believe that a fully empowered Superintendent requires an open and thorough vetting process to be the best possible champion for our children’s education.

The Board has concluded that we cannot complete a robust and thoughtful Superintendent search within the time we have remaining in this school year. The risk of failure is unacceptably high, and we believe it imprudent to take that chance.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Fehrman has agreed to accept a one-year contract extension, which will be voted on in the next Board meeting. This will ensure that CSD has capable leadership while we take the time to conduct the search. This timing will better align with the availability of quality candidates, including Dr. Fehrman, and ensure that we arrive at the best possible outcome for our students. 

The Board commits to the parents and the community at large that we will seek their input where possible, and we will continue to communicate often and transparently during this process.