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School Supplies: A Note for OAK PTA

Dear Oakhurst Families,


As most of you know, our previous protocol for school supplies was for the PTA to purchase for every student and then request those parents who are able to reimburse the cost. This protocol was implemented out of a desire to make sure that every student had the needed supplies without putting a financial burden on families. We hope that we were successful in our efforts.

The plan for this upcoming year is to take the same principle but implement it in a slightly different format. Instead of purchasing all of the supplies and asking for reimbursement, we are asking parents, who are able, to purchase online. Confidentiality would be kept, as the PTA would  be notified of how many K, 1st, and 2nd grade supplies had been purchased. Equity to access would be kept, as the PTA would purchase any remaining supplies needed.  The difference would be that the PTA would be able to start the school year knowing the exact dollar amount needed for school supplies.

We know everyone is "over" this school year and asking you as parents to purchase supplies for next year is a BIG ask right now. The PTA is dedicated to making sure all of our Oakhurst students and their teachers are supported; this upcoming year even more so.  We are working closely with the teachers to make sure that the supplies purchased will be useful either in a traditional classroom setting (we hope) or to be distributed for families to use at home.  The school supply budget is a small piece we are hoping to have some insight into and control over.

To purchase your student's school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year, PLEASE click on this link: Code: OAK103 (3 letters/3 numbers) by June 21 for an early bird price and July 7 for increased price.

Please email - with any questions.

Thank you so much for supporting us, so we can continue to support our Oakhurst Elementary Family.