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GaDOE Releases CCRPI Scores

2019 College and Career Ready Performance Index Results

The Georgia Department of Education has released the annual College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI). The CCRPI is Georgia’s statewide accountability measurement as required by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

City Schools of Decatur’s CCRPI overall score was 87.9. Elementary schools had an aggregate score of 90.7, Renfroe Middle School scored 77.7, and Decatur High School scored 91.9. All CSD schools received a four-star climate rating. College Heights ECLC is not measured by CCRPI. Full CCRPI results are
available online.

The state CCRPI score comes from four areas for elementary and middle school: Content Mastery, Closing Gaps, Progress, and Readiness. The High School CCRPI score includes those four categories and adds the Graduation Rate (95.5% in 2019).

  • Content Mastery consists of student proficiency on Georgia Milestones End of Grade and End of Course Exams. 
  • Closing Gaps measures student growth from year to year in demographic subgroups.
  • Progress measures how much students grow in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Progress also measures how our English Language Learners are progressing towards English proficiency.
  • Readiness measures indicators such as attendance, literacy, and participation in beyond the core activities that prepare students for college or career.

We are proud of the increase in the Content Mastery, Closing Gaps, and Readiness scores at the elementary and high school levels. Both the middle school and high school have increased their Progress scores. Although we are pleased with our progress, we recognize there are areas of improvement.

The table below shows a comparison between 2018 and 2019, which are directly comparable. Scores from years prior to that are not comparable because the state made changes to the CCRPI calculation as part of its
State ESSA Plan. The 2018 CCRPI was the first to use the new calculation. 

CCRPI Scores

Individual School Comparison of 2018 and 2019 CCRPI scores


Notable gains include:

  • Content Mastery scores increased in elementary and high school.
  • Elementary schools and the high school improved in Closing Gaps. 
  • In 2019, Clairemont and Fifth Avenue made significant gains in Closing Gaps from 2018. 
  • Elementary students with disabilities and English Language Learners met Closing Gaps targets in all areas.
  • All subgroups increased in the level of Content Mastery in high school science.
  • The percent of students with disabilities reading at grade level improved in all grade levels.
  • The percent of Black and Economically Disadvantaged students reading at grade level improved at elementary and high school.
  • Renfroe’s climate score increased from 3 stars to 4 stars from 2018 to 2019.

School Climate Star Ratings

As part of the CCRPI reports, the Georgia Department of Education released the 2019 School Climate Star Ratings for local schools. This rating is provided as an informational tool for schools, parents, and communities. While it is reported alongside the CCRPI, it is not included in the calculation that produces school and district CCRPI scores. 

The School Climate Star Rating assesses the climate of a school – each school in Georgia receives a one- to five-star rating, with five stars representing an excellent school climate and one star representing a school climate most in need of improvement. 

2019 School Climate Star Ratings

Climate Scores













Ongoing improvement

The areas of improvement identified in our District Improvement Plan are

  • Advancing Racial Equity: CSD is committed to addressing and eliminating the disproportionate outcomes for our black students in all areas. 
  • Accelerating Student Learning: CSD is committed to increasing student achievement by focusing on effective teaching practices that align with our instructional framework, specifically formative assessment and feedback.
  • Building and Sustaining Positive Culture and Climate: CSD is committed to building and sustaining a positive culture and climate where students and staff feel safe, seen, and successful.

About the CCRPI 

Under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) – the replacement for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) passed in 2015 – states are required to have a “statewide accountability system” that provides information on how well schools are performing. The CCRPI is Georgia’s accountability system.

Similar accountability systems were required under the
No Child Left Behind waivers many states operated under before ESSA was passed, but ESSA gives states more authority over the process. 

After ESSA was signed into law, the Georgia Department of Education spent two years gathering input from the public and working with a committee of educators and other stakeholders to redesign the CCRPI. Parents, educators, members of the business community, and others said they wanted a CCRPI that reflected the opportunities schools offered students – from fine arts to career education – rather than a focus strictly on standardized test scores. 

The CCRPI was refined based on this feedback, and 2019 is the second year scores from the redesigned CCRPI have been released. 

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