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2018-2019 Teachers of the Year

CSD Teachers of the Year

Stacey Labouchere,
College Heights ECLC
"Stacey embodies everything that CSD stands for. She has created a warm, nurturing environment that is academically challenging. She believes in equal access for all students as evidenced by her commitment to our Head Start partnership. Through her knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices, she is setting the foundation for children so that they are ready to become a successful part of the CSD community. Stacey is teaching the children how to successfully navigate through life. She is teaching the children how to be empathetic learners; learners who can demonstrate a base ten and discuss how to be a kind friend. Stacey is preparing these children for their journey throughout City Schools of Decatur."
Kelly Nichols
Clairemont Elementary School
"Coach Nichols motivates and inspires students daily. Most mornings there are students outside of her office waiting for her to get there. These students help her set up for the day. Who does she choose for this big responsibility? Students who are struggling behaviorally or need a little extra motivation. She starts her day with these, some might say, difficult students, in hopes of inspiring them to have a better day than they had yesterday."

Amelia Copp
Glennwood Elementary School
"Amelia is such a positive force at Glennwood. She is always encouraging students- helping them see their strengths while challenging them to grow, be kind, and be thoughtful. Amelia is deeply devoted to giving her best to all of her students all of the time!"
Malisa Henderson
Oakhurst Elementary School
"Mrs. Henderson encourages her students to take risks, to learn by meeting challenges, and to be able to communicate and solve problems. She believes that each student deserves to grow and learn in an environment that is safe and supportive. She puts procedures in place that allow students to take ownership of their learning, advocate for themselves, and take care of each others' hearts."
Latonya Henry
Westchester Elementary School
"Coach Henry is synonymous with the words "inspire," "achieve," and "best." Her PE classes are not just fun and games; they are capacity-expanding experiences in perseverance, character-building, and discipline. Every single student in this school loves PE because her "you can do it" attitude is rousing, to every student, on every physical and mental level. In addition, she is not just a presence in the gym or on the field; she is often called to mentor students, intervening at teachers' requests, to help students who would benefit from her gentle yet firm expectations. Every student at Westchester is lucky to be able to experience the magic that is Coach."
Kate Woodbridge
Winnona Park Elementary School
"The students in Kate's class are always excited and interested in what they are learning. Kate goes out of her way to find, coordinate, and plan the best parts of the work we do. She finds experts to come into our classes. She plans projects and experiments. She tries to find ways to make everything she teaches fun and interesting so all of her students can feel successful and motivated. Her passion for science, art, and writing shows her kids what motivation looks like and they are all better off because of it."
Michael Holliday
4/5 Academy at Fifth Avenue
"F.AVE guarantees each grade an exceptionally helpful and nurturing mentor, but Mr. Holliday saw that I needed additional support. He was the person that first walked me to my room; he was the person that sent me his weekly parent communication; he was the person that walked me through my first term plans; he was the person that said to me on day six of working in Decatur, 'Listen, we got you. You are not going to fail. Your children are not going to fail.' Mr. Holliday is the positive role model that I needed in this journey as a new teacher in CSD. His guidance will foster both my students' and my own growth."
Johnnie Stroy
Renfroe Middle School
"Mr. Stroy consistently has new and inviting curriculum for each and every student. He is a fantastic teacher who connects with the students and creates insightful assignments that explain how and why to use a particular math problem. His class has the culture and vibe that only your best work is accepted. He holds every student to a high standard and he gives students the tools they need to be their best selves."
Jennifer Gonzalez
Decatur High School
"Jennifer is more committed to working with students, who otherwise may not be adequately served, than any other teacher I've ever worked with. She differentiates lessons for students to make sure they are kinesthetically learning in authentic, meaningful ways that make them look forward to class. They work on and build lifelong communication skills in new ways daily."