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CSD celebrates National Principals Month 2021

📚 View Video Here:
📚October is National Principals Month.
📚What Is National Principals Month? Through visionary leadership and tireless pursuit of success for each student, principals guide and support their schools in ways large and small every day. Thank you CSD Principals for your awesome leadership! 
College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center
👏Sarah Garland, Early Childhood Director
Clairemont Elementary School
👏Curtis Armour, Principal
Glennwood Elementary School
👏Holly Brookins, Principal
Oakhurst Elementary School
👏Tanisha Frazier, Principal
Westchester Elementary School
👏Christie Manasso and Latonya Henry, Interim Co-Principals
Winnona Park Elementary School
👏Ruth Scott, Principal
Fifth Avenue Upper Elementary
👏Karen Newton, Principal
Talley Street Upper Elementary
👏Billy Heaton, Principal
Renfroe Middle School
👏Greg Wiseman, Principal
Decatur High School
👏Rochelle Lofstrand, Principal
We Thank YOU! #CSDStrongerTogether #CSDPrincipals