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Extra Mile Award Winners

The Extra Mile Award is given to employees nominated by students. Thirty-eight outstanding employees were nominated, and eight were selected for the award, which was handed out at our Opening Day Celebration. Congratulations to Labria Pearson, bus driver; Greg Prather, Fifth Avenue nurse; Beth Lewis, DHS teacher; Shonda Moore, School Health Coordinator; Debbie Lester, Oakhurst teacher; Kelly Nichols, Talley Street teacher; Sarah Talton-Buck, Beacon Hill assistant principal; and Candace Jones-Boynton, College Heights teacher. 

Click here to watch the video of the students recognizing these amazing employees.


Congratulations, Extra Mile Award Winners! 

Greg Prather

Beth Lewis

Shonda Moore

Debbie Lester

Kelly Nichols

Sarah Talton-Buck

Candace Jones-Boynton