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Pre-K Contactless Library Program Starts September 11, 2020

College Heights Contactless Library 2020-21

This year your child will be able to enjoy our library collection while attending school virtually. Each of our Pre-K classrooms will have its own Classroom Librarian who will select a book for each student based on the student’s interests. The library book will be checked out to your child and then distributed with his or her biweekly Take Home Kit. Library books must be returned before or during the next biweekly Take Home Kit pickup at the school.

 You may search our school's online library catalog to locate specific titles your child likes. Searching by keyword, title, author, and subject are available. You may then request those titles through your child's classroom teachers. We will do our best to fill those specific requests. Please only request titles owned by College Heights.


96-Hour Book Quarantine Period

All returned library books will be placed into quarantine and reshelved after a minimum 96-hour holding period.


Book Responsibility

Our library collection is continually being updated with new, high quality children’s books. We hope you understand that lost or damaged library books will be assessed a discounted replacement fee of $15.


Guidelines for Best Book Practice at Home:

  • Turn pages gently at the corners.
  • Do not write or draw on book covers or pages.
  • Keep books in a safe, dry place when not in use.
  • Read books with clean, dry hands and do not eat while reading.


Opt Out

All our Pre-K families will automatically be enrolled in this program. If you DO NOT want to participate in our Library Book Checkout Program this year, please fill out this OPT OUT form.  If you do not complete the form, you will be offered the library book with your September 11th Take Home Kit (you can choose not to take it).


2 Ways to return your College Heights Library Books

  • Place books in the Book Return Box on the porch at College Heights.
  • Return book at the same time you pick up your Take Home Kit and new library book.

To ensure there are enough books for all our students to enjoy, your child will not be able to take another book home until the first book is returned.


If you have any questions, please contact Karen Collins,