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Good Troublemaker Award

Congratulations to Ms. Briana Bauer, preK teacher, for being awarded the College Heights Good Troublemaker Award.


The award is presented to an individual from each school in the district who:


  • Is a champion for equitable educational outcomes,
  • Goes above and beyond in racial equity work.
  • Is a change agent - even when it's hard or uncomfortable.
  • Initiates/supports JEDI initiatives in the district.
  • Makes efforts toward their personal growth in, and commitment to, JEDI.


As a pre-K inclusion teacher, Ms. Bauer makes every moment a teachable moment. She creates opportunities and experiences that capitalize on the curiosity of the learner and ensures every student reaches his/her full potential. Ms. Bauer creates a caring, equitable community of engaged learners and through her culturally responsive teaching practices Ms. Bauer not only empowers children but empowers her families.


Ms.Bauer will progress to the district level to be considered for the CSD's Good Equity Troublemaker of the Year Award. We are so proud!