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Renfroe Students dig into what it means to become a Doctor

“All students need to be able to see themselves in the careers that they pursue,” said CTAE teacher, Dr. Charlie McAdoo as he explained the importance of students being exposed to career pathways early on.


On Wednesday, October 27, 2021, The Renfroe Middle School GENTS & The Young Ladies of Excellence partnered up with the Emory University School of Medicine Student National Medical Association to present, “The Road to Becoming a Doctor.” 


At this event, students learned from first and second-year Emory Medical Students of color about their journeys to becoming medical doctors and about day-to-day life. 


Dr. Charlie McAdoo said students were inspired by seeing Emory medical students that they could relate to. Scholars had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on workshop, learn basic physical examination skills, ask questions, and receive insights on Historical Black Colleges that are accessible to them. 


Renfroe Middle School Assistant Principal, Alexis Glenn, talks about the importance of students being involved in activities like this one. 


“It is vital for all students to be exposed to medical students and health care professionals of color. SNMA has a rich legacy of promoting and supporting underrepresented minority students, and we are happy to help continue that tradition,” said Glenn. 


This was the third time that Emory's SNMA had partnered with RMS to expose our students to medical students that look like them.