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CSD Equity Resources for Home

Greetings from Equity and Student Support!

We would like to thank you for all you’ve done to support our work. We know you realize that equity doesn’t disappear over the summer or go away because we have “gone digital”. During challenging times like the present, a focus on equity becomes even more imperative and we are excitedly looking forward to continuing our equity work in the district with your support.

We are aware that our community has recently struggled with issues surrounding race, and we suggest that summer provides a great time to hold focused conversations with students surrounding race and other “isms”. It’s also a great time to explore equity for ourselves on a deeper more personal level – to DO the work of equity in our lives, THINK about equity as it relates to our lives, and READ about equity-related issues we may not know or fully understand. To help with this endeavor, we have posted below a number of resources for parents and caretakers to support you over the summer as we continue to engage in the work of equity for ourselves and #ourkids.

For more equity-related resources to use at home, click here.