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Launchpad for Learning

Launchpad for Learning Summer Camp is an exciting opportunity for students to be introduced to upcoming grade-level standards with hands-on activities. The summer camp environment will also help students connect to their school by learning building-specific chants and procedures. It’s not too late to sign up for the Launchpad for Learning Summer Camp! If you are interested in registering your child, complete one of the registration forms below for each child you plan to register.  The cost is $115 per student. There are also scholarships available.


More About Launchpad 

This innovative program is designed to give kids an opportunity for a camp-style, enrichment program that will help launch them successfully into their new grade. It is not summer school but summer camp. The Monday-Thursday half-day camp will cover important topics for each grade: content overview, team building, leadership skills, school community building, school culture, and executive functioning skills to make navigating school easier!


What if I've already registered my student?

If you have already registered your students, congratulations!  We will be sending more information (payment information, daily schedule, scholarship info, etc.) today, June 11th.


Rising Kindergarten-2nd grade registration

3rd-5th grade registration

6th-8th grade registration