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I Love My Bus/Walk & Roll 2/11

I Love My Bus / Walk & Roll: 2/11

February is "I LOVE MY BUS" month! Riding the school bus is important not only because it’s safe, cuts down on traffic congestion, and reduces air pollution; but riding the school bus is also a time for students to bond with their peers and increases the likelihood that students will arrive at school on time and ready to learn! 


Next Tuesday, February 11, we’ll be combining ‘I love my bus’ with our regularly scheduled Walk & Roll.  We’ll be handing out numbered certificates to all Walkers & Rollers & Bus Riders as part of our monthly book drawing.  In addition, we’ll have special guests from GA Commute Schools handing out special incentives to all Bus Riders.  Let’s keep our cars home next Tuesday, February 11.  Have your child walk, roll, or ride the bus to school!  If you cannot walk all the way, consider driving to Harmony Park (corner of Mead, Oakview, and Eastlake) and walk the final 0.4 miles.  There are plenty of parking spots around that area, and you’ll be sure to meet many other families doing the same.  Additional 'Stop, Drop, and Walk' routes to F.Ave are found here ( If you must drive, please be extra cautious that morning, as there will be more children walking or riding their bikes.  Give them extra room (remember, a 3 foot distance is the law, but more is always better!), as they might not be as sturdy or mindful on their bikes as adults.  Questions: contact