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3-5 F.AVE Transition

3-5 F.AVE Transition
A team of teachers (including 3rd grade teachers joining our team next year), administrators, and parents have worked to solidify many of the activities/experiences we will engage in to prepare for our transition to being F.AVE Upper Elementary. We want to thank everyone for their time and attention to thinking through adjustments and enhancements to our process. Please see below a schedule of activities.
  • 3/29  F.AVE publishes FAQ for Parents (Please read in preparation for the 4/24 meeting)
  • 4/8-5/2 Weekly Update for 3rd and 2nd graders (Ask F.AVE??) VIDEO chats with F.AVE students and staff (this is being facilitated in school)
  • 4/24 Rising 3rd/4th Parent Meeting 6:00-7:30 PM at F.AVE
  • 5/6-5/9 Rising 3rd and 4th graders visit F.AVE
  • 5/7-5/10 F.AVE teachers and admin staff meet with K-3 teachers, parents and admin staff to discuss needs and services for rising 3rd and 4th graders.
  • April/May F.AVE Principal and mascot visit Community Circle at each K-3 school