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Free Art Friday!

Free Art FAve is coming to the Oakhurst community!


In the spirit of Free Art Friday, an Atlanta movement that sees local artists hiding small home-made artworks in public for the community to find, FAVE fifth graders will be covering Oakhurst with their own hand built art for you to hunt and keep forever.  Students are currently learning about the value of the Free Art movement, a philosophy that art can be for everyone, not just those with deep pockets. Free Art can inject fun into the community and brighten the day of any lucky passerby who happens to stumble upon a young artist’s creation.  The fifth graders are fast at work, molding tiny clay pieces, personalized by their own touch, which they will soon paint and place around Downtown Oakhurst, FAVE, and everywhere in between, sure to bring a smile to whoever finds them. Free Art FAVE pieces will be placed out the week of October 8th leading up to Porchfest.


Check out our Instagram handle, @freeartfave, which charts the students’ progress, and may just clue you in as to where your favorite pieces are located.            


F.Ave Art Team - Nick Madden and  Colleen Dunbar