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Safety Protocols


  • Parents should not enter the buildings in the mornings without checking in at the front desk. We allowed this the first three days of school, just to give parents an opportunity to help students get acclimated. That time period has ended and we will need to follow normal procedures from here on out.
  • Our modular unit and the upper building classrooms are also not accessible to parents/visitors without check-in at the front desk. Please do not attempt to access these area without permission. 
  • Drop off in the mornings begin at 7:20 AM; Staff do not report to work until 7:15 and we want to make sure that proper supervision is in place.
  • Students are tardy after 7:45 and will need a pass to class.
  • If a student arrives after 8:00 AM, an adult will need to sign the child in. Please do not drop and go.
  • Students are only allowed to cross the streets where there are crossing guards. Please refrain from walking students across the street on Fifth Avenue. This creates unsafe conditions for all. We ask that you walk up the sidewalk to the corner of Fifth Avenue and Oakview to cross over to the school. 

Be safe and practice safety with the children!