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CSD Chromebook & Hot Spot Returns

If a student has a school issued chromebook at home, it must be returned by the end of this school year. The only exception is summer school students, who should keep them for summer school.

In-Person Students
All in-person students who still have a school issued chromebook at home should return them to their classroom cart before they leave on Friday at 11:15. 
Virtual Students
  • School issued chromebooks can be returned at any time this week or Tuesday/Wednesday, June 1-2 between 8 AM - 1:30 PM.
  • Where? How? - to the front entrance of the school
    • If there is a labeled chromebook return cart outside the front doors, they can place them with the charger on that cart.
    • If there is NO cart outside, they should ring the doorbell and return it to Ms. James.
  • 5th grade virtual students can return their chromebooks when they come up to school for their moving on ceremony, using the same process as above.
  • The last day to return school issued chromebooks for virtual students is Wednesday, June 2nd by 1:30 PM, unless they are summer school students.
  • Virtual students should remove their profiles from chromebooks before returning. Directions are here.
Students coming for the Launchpad program in July should return their chromebooks as indicated above.
Hot Spot Returns
Please follow the instructions above for virtual student chromebook return.