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Yearbook Information

Important Yearbook Info - Due Friday, 3/26



Student Portraits: If your child was not able to get their photo taken at school, please follow these steps to submit your child’s portrait, by March 26:



  1. Take a photo of your child: head and shoulders only! Tips: Take your student's portrait outside. Aim for taking the picture before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. so the light is not harsh. If the day is cloudy and overcast, you can take the photo at any time! We recommend having your student stand in the shade and make sure they have a shady background.
  2. Name the photo as follows: ChildLastName_ChildFirstName_Portrait
  3. Upload a high-resolution image (300 dpi) to the appropriate Dropbox folder below.
  4. Email if you have questions!



Third Grade:


Fourth Grade:


Fifth Grade:


**Please note that students will appear alphabetically by grade, not by class, in this year’s yearbook.**



Fifth-Grade Tributes: Fill out this form by March 26 for your fifth grader’s free tribute.



Candid Photos: Please use this Dropbox folder to upload photos you would like to share! We’re looking for memories of this year like the first day of school, virtual learning setups, pods, bitmoji class photos, and school-based activities like Black History Month, Night of Expressions, Reading Bowl, and Girls on the Run. We’ll use photos we receive based on space and quality. Deadline is April 2.



Memories: We’d love to share brief memories, shout-outs, and thank-yous throughout the yearbook from students and staff. If your student has some words to share, please email them to us at!



Yearbook Orders: The PTO is providing a yearbook to all students and staff free of charge! Keep an eye out for an email from your room parents to reserve your copy.