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Changes to CSD’s plan to return to in-person learning

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Dear CSD Community,

At the October 13 Board meeting, the administration recommended revised plans for students’ and staff members’ return to in-person learning. The major changes are summarized below, and more details about these new plans will be shared Friday in the October 16 edition of the District Dispatch newsletter.

Students returning to in-person learning:

  • Early childhood students (birth through age 3) may remain in school as planned.
  • Students served in the adapted curriculum special education program may still return as scheduled Monday, October 19.
  • The students previously scheduled to return in November will not return to in-person learning any sooner than January 5, with the exception of future proposals for specific activities and programs (see below). Virtual learning will continue.

Employees returning to work in buildings:

  • Employees previously scheduled to return October 19 can continue to work remotely.
  • Employees who returned to working in CSD facilities on October 12 may resume working remotely.


  • The Board voted to allow Dr. Dude to solicit teacher input on whether to keep December 14-18 as no-school days for students or to shift those five days to some time after January 5. Dr. Dude will immediately convene the Teacher Advisory Council so this decision can be made by the end of the week and communicated in the District Dispatch.
  • The professional learning (PL) day originally scheduled for November 2 will remain on November 2. In light of the revised plans described above, this PL day will not move to October 30 as had been previously suggested, and teaching and learning October 28-30 will proceed under the normal Wednesday-Friday virtual learning schedule.

Other items discussed by the Board and administration include expanding pods for families needing supervision of their children, encouraging more staff proposals to safely return specific activities and programs to in-person participation, and the development of a public stakeholder process to develop clearer metrics for returning to school. 

More details about the recommendations and the plans going forward will be shared in the October 16 edition of the District Dispatch newsletter.