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CSD Thanks Patricia Davis for 30+ years of service!

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“To me, it didn't seem like at the time a job it just seemed like a hobby because I enjoyed doing it,” said CSD Cafeteria Manager, Patricia Davis, when speaking of her experience in the CSD school cafeterias. 


Meet Patricia Davis, she served within the City Schools of Decatur Cafeterias for over three decades. She walked into the school doors of CSD in 1992. In the month of June, she will officially hit her 30-year mark as a Cafeteria Manager. She currently manages Clairemont, Westchester, and College Heights Early Childhood Center cafeterias. 


The love of food began in the kitchen with her mother. Whether it was baking up a sweet pie or an awesome recipe for dinner, Davis knew her place was in a kitchen. 


“I always stayed in the kitchen with my mother helping cook. We had a farm we had 100 acres of land, we grew vegetables,” said Davis. 


“We had livestock and plenty of more stuff. I just enjoyed cooking and being in the kitchen with my mom and I had the chance to help her raise my smaller siblings.”


Davis explained that she will never forget a Decatur High School student that once saw she was experiencing a bad day and partnered up with his parents to buy her a small token of appreciation. Davis said that moments like that one brightens up her day! 


“He bought me a pretty glass Angel and I just didn't know that children noticed your moods in such a way,” Said Davis. 


Davis wants the City Schools of Decatur staff and students to remember her as a caring loving person, ready to serve and be a servant. She talked about her team as developing into a community over the past 30 years and how they have become a family in the process. 


Women within the district, more than you can count on your hands have been trained by Mrs. Davis to be champions in the kitchen.  The City Schools of Decatur appreciates her hardworking and relentless work ethic. 


Davis is set to retire at the end of the 2021-22 school year. In her spare time, she plans to enjoy spending time with her grandchildren and family.