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Board Spotlight: Glennwood Elementary

Board Spotlight: Glennwood Elementary

At the school board meeting each month, a different school's accomplishments are highlighted and celebrated. These have been anything from a recorder performance by 3rd grade, sharing about their celebrations of learning, or high school students sharing their trip to Japan. As we highlight #OurKids' accomplishments, we will share these with you here.


School Spotlight at the October 1 Board Meeting: Glennwood Elementary

As part of the “Art In School” Project, Besharat Arts Foundation has displayed 110 photographs throughout Glennwood Elementary. The photos were taken by National Geographic photographer, Steve McCurry, best known for the Iconic Afghan Girl photo. They are from the collection called “Faces of Innocence”. The foundation launched the project on the premise that similarities bring people closer together but superficial differences can create a sense of fear and threat thus causing conflict. The project seeks to promote sympathy and empathy through daily contact with art that presents similarities and differences amongst children. 

Dr. Kristy Beam, Principal of Glennwood Elementary explained, "Glennwood's purpose in participating in the project is for our students to develop a sense of connectedness towards children with cultural, racial, or ethnic differences. Children and families in our school are having conversations around the photos, showing interest, and curiosity. We have several projects planned to engage the children in research about the countries and practices depicted." 

To start the year, Glennwood's second grade teachers asked students to choose a photo with which they felt a connection and write about their feelings. Seven of these students came to the board meeting to share their feelings about these moving photographs. 

Below are three examples out of the seven Glennwood Second Grade student's quotes shared at the board meeting. Photos by Steve McCurry and donated by Besharat Gallery.
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