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DHS Governor's Honors Program Finalists


We are thrilled to announce that 11 of DHS’s 12 semifinalists have been named state finalists for the prestigious Governor’s Honors Program. Each year, thousands of students apply for GHP, a residential summer program for gifted and talented students, providing academic, cultural, and social enrichment for high school sophomores and juniors to become the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Please join us in congratulating our DHS Governor’s Honors Program Finalists:

Victor Agolory - Agricultural Research, Biotechnology, and Science
Emma Fang - Robert Gordick
Robert Gordick - Computer Science
Michael Kilpatrick - Computer Science
Ellen Kolesnikova - World Language
Thea Muhlstein - Computer Science
Hilary Rucker - Mathematics
Payton Sobon - Social Studies
Eleanor Sterne - Communicative Arts
Aidan Tagami - Engineering
Ezekiel Werner - Music