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11 students take advantage of Adobe Creative Cloud, Now they’re certified



Written By: Ashley Jackson 


According to Adobe Design Inc., Visual Design is a project-based curriculum that develops key digital communication skills such as design, project management, research and communication, photography, graphic design, illustration, and page layout technical skills using Adobe tools. 


Eleven Decatur High School students used Visual Design to not only create masterpieces but are now certified users of an Adobe tool. This creative tool and skill can be used in high school and is transferable to college courses and the workforce.  Over the past two years, students have not been required to take the EOPAs due to the pandemic. These students self-selected to take on the challenge of seeking this Adobe Certification


“Adobe certifications demonstrate mastery to both potential employers and postsecondary institutions as these seniors begin the transition process,” Career and Technical Education Director at City Schools of Decatur, Duane Sprull explained. 

In reality, taking a course that teaches you how to use products like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop could possibly be the difference between getting a job and receiving a polite email from an employer regarding your job application status. 


When having a certification from Adobe businesses have the opportunity to look at a potential candidate with skills that normally aren’t seen at the high school level. Students who acquire this certification show dedication and can open doors to many opportunities. 


Decatur High School Teacher, Ms. Garcia said, “With proficiency in the Adobe Suite, students have professional level tools to communicate in any career path.” She went on to say, 

“It is typically a certification that young designers simply don’t have before being in the field for the first five years.”


High School senior Jeffrey Yan has added the certification to his resume.  Yan said, “ I will use it to reinforce my resume, but also to show that I am good at adobe illustrator to potential employers or people. 


Earning a certification is just another way to show your passion and effectiveness towards a student's expertise and skill. Jeffrey Yan said, “It is a very rewarding pathway, and the experience of learning and making stuff with graphic design is worth it.”


In addition, before the students took the assessment Ms. Garcia, their teacher, passed both assessments. Ms. Garcia is giving her students the creative tools and skills they need to succeed in school and in the future. 


Please read the list of certified students below: 

Visual Design Using Adobe  Photoshop 2020

  1. Audrey Watson, 12th grade
  2. Charlotte Schreml, 12th grade
  3. Colin Jeziorowski, 12th grade
  4. Ian Boswell, 12th grade
  5. Jack Kelly, 12th grade
  6. Nathaniel Rhett, 12th grade
  7. Oliver Lee, 12th grade
  8. Sara Zion CO 2021
  9. Ms. Garcia (Teacher)


Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe

  1. Calvin Herrema, 12th grade
  2. Finnian Aldredge-Byars, 12th grade
  3. Jeffery Yan, 12th grade
  4. Ms. Garcia (Teacher)