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Stories Alive!

The Stories Alive web show will be live today. This show will be out every Wednesday .

Today is special because Stories Alive will begin to showcase Westchester Writers. (We will also have a special Westchester Show in the summer - TBA- when the book is out.)

Today we will see Betlahem's story, Ice and Snow Princess. Bethlehem is a first grader in Mrs. Parker's class.

If you miss today's live show, do not worry. I will start sharing the videos to Youtube and give you all the web address to see it.

Stories Alive has a facebook page. I believe the link should help you find us!

Be well and keep writing!

I am excited to begin showing the Westchester stories!

Thank you to DEF and our wonderful PTA for making this happen!


Chapter One does not have a Westchester Writer, but it does introduce Stories Alive and it also has a little mini-lesson.

Chapter 2: Where's Pencil In this show we watch pencil dive into different fairy tale settings and see a fairy tale written by a first grader, Betalhem.
Westchester Writes!

Chapter 3: Brilliant Beginnings

Randal the Reading Rat and his friend, Pencil, are beginning to write a story and would like to use onomatopoeia as the featured author did. The problem is that they don't know what it is. Find out about using onomatopoeia and watch our featured story, MOUSE'S HOUSE, written by first-grader, Casey.


Thank you DEF!



Chapter 5: Using Description

This week we learn about using a description. We use description to write stories when explaining character and setting. We will hear from our young author, Melinda Jereb, and see how she uses description in her story, Cookie Town. Ingest Puppets with Heidi Carpenter transforms Melinda's story as a puppet performance.

Stories Alive will continue to show Westchester stories throughout the summer.

Live shows will be every Wednesday at 3:00 on the stories ALive YOUTUBE channel. Hope to see you there!



LIVE show @ 3:00 pm
(The live show will be saved on this YOUTUBE channel.)

When we write the BEGININNINGS of stories, we need to introduce a character and a setting. Come play with us in a game called WHAT'S THAT? to see if you can identify a character or a setting. Also, we get to see a story about a narwhal... come alive! This story, Narwhal, was written by the Westchester writer, Norah, who is in the first grade. Special thanks to Heidi Carpenter for making the puppets and for her family, Paul and Joy, for making this musical under the sea sound great! And of course, thanks to the Westchester PTA and DEF for making this possible!



Chapter 6
It is Wednesday, and it is time for Stories Alive! Daniel Querubin's story is shown in this episode that features Westchester story writers. We will have a show every Wednesday during the summer.
It will be shown live on the Stories Alive FB page at 7:00 pm and on the Youtube page at 7:00 pm.