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Sign Dedication

Press Release:


September 20th, 2019 The Westchester PTA Board and Principal Rochelle Lofstrand held a dedication ceremony for the school’s iconic school sign at their September school-wide picnic and book fair Saturday, September 14 th at 11am. The sign restoration was completed in a way that preserved its original design while restoring it to its now fully-functional, lighted capacity. The classic Westchester logo and letters are a true landmark for our great city that thousands of metro Atlantans have grown to know and love while traveling into and out of the city on Scott Boulevard.


On hand for the ceremony were Decatur Mayor Patti Garrett, Mayor Pro-Tem Tony Powers; CSD School Board Members Garrett Goebel and Heather Tell; and Executive Director of Schools, Dr. Maggie Fehrman. Along with Principal Lofstrand, PTA Board members Tim Martin, Kristin Hutchinson, Sybil McCullar, Michelle Stevens were in attendance, along with Westchester grounds committee chair Laura Wingfield, and several dozen parents, children, and neighbors.


Replacing the original Westchester sign with a new design was never up for discussion, as many stakeholders and community members had expressed their affection for it over many years. Therefore, the Westchester PTA board, including Principal Lofstrand, began creating a plan for the sign’s restoration 12 months ago in order to bring it “back to life”. The new sign features modern materials, including LED lights, that will allow it to continue to serve as an important landmark for years to come.


After the ribbon-cutting, students planted flowers around the sign and painted commemorative rocks to celebrate the event. The ceremony proved to be a wonderful way for the Westchester community to connect with one another, including other Decatur neighbors, school alumni, students, and staff.