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Community Circle!

We welcome parents to continue attending Community Circle! Be ready to sing and participate.

In order to maintain security as well as manage logistics of quickly moving guests and classes in and out of the auditorium, we do ask that you follow a few guidelines:


  • Parents may enter the building after 8:20 am once carpool time ends.

  • Parents must enter through the carpool doors by the auditorium ONLY.

  • Parents will have designated areas to sit or stand in the auditorium. The benches along the walls are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Just like our previous Community Circles, students may not sit with parents and younger siblings may not sit with their older siblings who are WE students.

  • Please keep the pathway of traffic clear at all times near the exit doors in the auditorium. The floor will be marked with tape.

  • Parents will be dismissed first once Community Circle is over. Please exit through the auditorium or carpool doors as quickly as possible. Classes begin at 8:45 am and students need to be able to exit and get to class quickly.