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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Glennwood


hispanic heritage

It's time for Hispanic Heritage Month - a celebration to honor all Hispanic people who live in the United States. This celebration goes from September 15 to October 15. We celebrate their heritage, the significant presence and influence of Hispanics in our society, and their broad spectrum of traditions and culture.


We encourage you to explore and join us in celebrating in some way. How? There are many ways to celebrate! Here are just a few of them:


Hispanic Heritage Month Resources for K-2 Students


Listen to Music

A great way to teach children about Hispanic culture is by exposing them to music in Spanish. Choose age-appropriate music or music by key figures in Spanish music or just sing along with the 21 Speaking countries song in Rockalingua (username: Glennwood and password: glennwood)


Get into the Kitchen

Food is always something that reminds people of home. Hispanic culture has a plethora of cuisine to enjoy from every Hispanic culture. Parents can get into the kitchen with their children and prepare recipes from diverse Hispanic cultures. Another option is to eat from a Hispanic restaurant and try something new. Nowadays, it is easy to find Argentinian empanadas, Cuban sandwiches, El Salvadorian pupusas, and Mexican tacos in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.


Read Spanish or Bilingual Books

Books and stories often tell a story that reflects the background of a certain culture. You can read Spanish language or bilingual books to your children to learn more about various Hispanic cultures. We have a small section of Spanish books in the Glennwood library that students and families may check out. Many of the books are bilingual in English and Spanish.


Join the special event at Winnona Park on October 11 hosted by the WP DEI Committee. See more details below.


Have a Great Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration! ¡Celebremos Juntos!


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