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GL SLT Nominations

Glennwood School Leadership Team Elections 2022-2023

The Glennwood Elementary School Leadership Team (SLT) is an elected committee consisting of parents/guardians, GL staff members, and other personnel. The Glennwood SLT was formed in 2011 when we opened our doors as a K-3 school. All CSD schools have an SLT formed as a part of our system charter, renewed by the state in 2014. Some of the responsibilities of this team are to:


  • Develop, approve and monitor the continuous school improvement planning process

  • Review student achievement data and support initiatives for school improvement

  • Recommend and support school needs to the CSD Board of Education during the annual budget process

  • Help with the interview process of potential Glennwood employees


This year we will have ONE parent vacancy on the SLT and will have the SLT election in late August. If you are interested in filling one of the vacancies, please complete this form. If you have any questions regarding the SLT, feel free to contact Dr. Brookins.


Current representatives

      • Dr. Holly Brookins (GL Principal)

      • Summer Clayton (Assistant Principal)

      • Jill Tolsma (Staff)

      • Marnie Kaplan (Staff)

      • Courtney Simon (District Rep)

      • Natasha Vorspel-Reuter (Parent rolling off)

      • Lisa Loveall (Parent)

      • Lauren Wattenmaker (Parent)

      • Sarah Jones (Parent)