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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents,


We are excited to announce that we will be scheduling Parent-Teacher conferences in the upcoming weeks. The two-week window to sign up for these 20-minute conferences will be from Monday, September 9- Friday, September 20. We look forward to a rich discussion about the academic and social progress your child exhibited in the first six weeks of school. Please sign up for your preferred conference time using the sign-up platform your child’s teacher will send electronically in the next week. Be sure to record the time and date of your child’s conference in your personal calendar. Missed conferences may not be able to be rescheduled promptly.


At this conference, your child’s teacher will share overall impressions on how your child is adapting to the routines of the classroom, the behaviors your child exhibits that promote learning, as well as results from formative and universal screener assessments that we have administered.


As stated earlier, this conference is the official method for communicating the progress your child is making for the first term of school.


Thank you for collaborating with us!

Dr. Kristy Beam and Jill Tolsma