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Glennwood Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Glennwood's Teacher of the Year 2021-2022, Missy Rose!
Congratulations to our 2021-22 Teacher of the Year, Missy Rose! Missy teaches in kindergarten, and we are so fortunate to have her as a part of our crew. One colleague wrote of Missy, "She inspires students and STAFF to grow and develop. She pushes us all to be our best, inside and outside of the classroom. I have watched and listened to Missy communicate with her students. I have been amazed by how she listens intently and is able to help them work through many problems. She doesn't provide them with an answer but makes them work through it and problem solve on their own. She teaches her students that they hold the answers. She empowers them."
(Beautiful flower arrangements created by LesFleurs Partout - Catherine Anderson, Decatur.)
Mrs. Rose pictured with her family