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CSD COVID-19 Stakeholder Planning Committee


Did you know there is a dedicated page to the CSD COVID-19 Stakeholder Planning Committee? You can find it here:

The COVID-19 Stakeholder Planning Committee (CSPC), which was referenced in the last Decatur Dispatch newsletter (, was formed to capitalize on the enormous talent and expertise in the Decatur community. The CSPC will advise the school district on its response and plans related to COVID-19. Specific objectives will be completed through subcommittees in order to maximize and expedite the work of the committee.

To ensure transparency with the full CSD community of stakeholders, this web page has been created to post information and work products from the CSPC. You can also find the list of subcommittee members, and minutes will be taken at each committee and subcommittee meeting and posted on this page. Any work products from the committee, including the final report, will also be posted on this page. The committee and each subcommittee will meet regularly, and the final report from this committee is due by November 20.