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Overview of the January 15 Facilities Planning Community meeting

Thank you to all our community members who attended our Facilities Planning Public Community meeting on January 15 at Talley.

At the meeting, the community took the first steps to look forward to the future of City Schools of Decatur and how we can best meet the needs for our students and staff. Participants were able to brainstorm, discuss and submit their ideas for what future CSD students and schools will look like and how we can meet their needs. More specifically we examined future solutions to address our growth in terms of our schools- specifically at the High School and and birth to pre-K, and we discussed as what priorities matter to us as a community regarding our athletics, performing arts & extra-curricular facilities. All the options, ideas and solutions that were generated at the meeting will be categorized and reviewed over the next month. The meeting was facilitated by Cooperative Strategies, who previously helped CSD with our grade configuration and redistricting work, to help lead our community input process.

There will be many more opportunities for community input, including a public survey that you can find below, and another community meeting on March 26, and we hope you will all share your views as we make these important steps forward.




To see last night's presentation or for more information, visit

Moving forward here are the important dates in our Facilities Master Planning timeline: 

Committee Meeting- February 6

• Future’s Conference Results

• Data Update


Committee Meeting- March 12

• Facility options


Community Meeting- March 26

• Presentation of Data

• Present options

• Paper and Online questionnaires


Committee Meeting- April 16

• Community Meeting review

• Development of Preferred Options


Committee Meeting- May 14

• Development of Preferred Options


Board Meeting- June 9

• Final options presented to BOE