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BOE Member Resignation

City Schools of Decatur Board Member Announces Resignation

Board Member Annie Caiola has announced that she is resigning from the School Board effective August 1, 2019. Ms. Caiola has been a member of the Board since 2014. She served as Chair for two years from 2016 to 2017.

Ms. Caiola explained, "Since my election in 2013 and my re-election in 2017, my personal and professional obligations and demands have increased significantly.  Balancing the time and energy required to manage the growing demands of my law firm and the personal needs of my family, while simultaneously serving the School Board at the level it deserves, has become impossible without making sacrifices that I simply can no longer make.  For someone who has only leaned in, leaning back does not come easily."

Board Chair Lewis Jones said, “We are deeply indebted to Annie for her service on the board. She has been an extremely effective board member and leader—a passionate advocate for teachers and students, a gifted communicator, a team player whose judgment commands respect, and a good friend. It is no wonder her law practice is booming. We’ve all marveled at Annie’s ability to juggle her personal and private responsibilities with the demands of the school board for as long as she has, and therefore we understand and respect her decision to step down at this time. We wish Annie continued success and thank her for giving so much for so long.”

The November 5, 2019, election will have three seats:

  • Annie Caiola’s at-large seat. The Board will appoint a new member to serve from August through December to fill the vacancy caused by this resignation.

  • Garrett Goebel’s seat in district 1. Mr. Goebel previously announced his decision not to seek re-election.

  • Vice Chair Tasha White’s seat in district 2. Ms. White is seeking re-election.

The Board will accept letters of interest from qualified individuals interested in serving for those four months. Details about the selection process will be shared in the near future.

Superintendent David Dude said, “It has been wonderful working with Annie Caiola. She has devoted so much time and energy to this position and has been a tremendous support to me as I transitioned to Decatur. Annie is always focused on what is best for kids and she is a tremendous champion for public education. She will be missed but I am happy that she will have more time to focus on her family and career.”


Board members:

Lewis Jones, Chair, District 1, Term expires 2021

Tasha White, Vice Chair, District 2, Term expires 2019, running for re-election

Annie Caiola, Member, At-Large, Resigning effective 8/1/19, Term expires 2021

Garrett Goebel, Member, District 1, Term expires 2019, not running for re-election

Heather Tell, Member, District 2, Term expires 2021


Map of election districts: