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2020-21 GA Milestones Results

City Schools of Decatur 2020-2021 Georgia Milestones Results

The Georgia Department of Education released Georgia Milestones test scores on Monday, August 16, for City Schools of Decatur and the state.

The Georgia Department of Education is encouraging educators, parents, and communities to remember that the Georgia Milestones tests were designed to measure the performance of students in a typical educational environment, so results should be interpreted in the context of the pandemic and associated learning disruptions, along with varying access to instruction. The scores were released along with participation data since some students did not participate in testing last year due to the pandemic.

“During the past school year, our students, teachers, and families worked incredibly hard, and I am so proud of the results they were able to achieve,” said Superintendent Dr. Maggie Fehrman. “These Milestones scores do not represent all of our students, and we are committed to ensuring that all of our students progress and recover academically and socially. I am confident that with full in-person learning and the efforts of our students, teachers, families, and leaders, we will be stronger together in our learning and growth for all students in the 21-22 school year.” 

Overall, 1942 City Schools of Decatur students participated in Georgia Milestones testing during the 2020-21 school year. Participation was higher at lower grade levels, with 78% of 3rd graders testing and less than 10% for some of the High School End of Course Tests. This was primarily due to conditions created by the pandemic and a concern for student safety. The following tables summarize the number of students tested and the percentage of students scoring proficient and distinguished levels during the Spring 2019 and Spring 2021 administration. Georgia Milestones were not administered in Spring 2020.

 Chart - elementary participation

Chart - elementary proficiency levels
Chart- Middle school participation
Chart- Middle School proficiency levels
Chart- EOC participation
Chart - EOC proficiency levels
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While test scores provide information on student performance, they are not the only way we measure student learning.  This data is also a summary presentation of data. Additional student achievement data will be presented at the Board meeting on October 12 as part of a more comprehensive examination of the District’s Framework for Equitable Student Outcomes, including disaggregation of achievement data by student groups.  

CSD has implemented a rigorous instructional framework that places students, content, and teachers at the center along with core practices for equity as essential components for daily instruction. CSD will continue to implement this key tool through the 2021-2022 school year to ensure our students have a strong foundation in critical math and literacy to propel their achievement to the highest levels of success.  

*From the Georgia Department of Education: The news media and public should exercise caution in making year-to-year comparisons using the state-level data, due to changes in students’ learning environments and differences in participation. In general, year-to-year comparisons should not be made using school- and district-level data.