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Decatur Bulldogs climb to No. 10 in Class 5A, First AJC rank since 04’



During the week of September 6, 2021, the Decatur High School Bulldogs were ranked No. 10 in Class 5A, which stands as the Bulldog’s first AJC ranking since 2004 according to BSN Sports. 


Head Coach, William Felton says that being ranked for the first time in 15 years is a big accomplishment. 


“It speaks volumes to the hard work and dedication that the kids and coaches have put into building a program and not just a football team,” said Felton. 


“It is great for the students and the community as well as it promotes pride and joy within the community. The ranking also means that we are on the path to earning our respect and being considered as a great team instead of a good one.”


During the 2020-21 Football season Coach Felton led the Bulldogs into an overall record of 7-2 and a league record of 5-1. Currently, the Bulldogs are 3-0. 


While speaking in an interview with BSN Sports, Coach Felton explained what kind of team Decatur is. He said that the team wins collectively and that the efforts don’t just come from one person. On the field, plays are normally made by all of the players from both defense and offense. Felton described the role of each player on his squad. 


“Junior [RB/DE] Marquis Hood is a big prospect, and he and [LB/DE] Cam Wingo and [RB/OLB] Chapman Smith are three big bruisers, and [RB/ILB] Nahshon Smith is not only good in football but a two-time state qualifier in wrestling. Other game-changers are wide receivers Kenric Lanier, Curran Brant, and Mekhi Lloyd and tight ends Kedric Lackey and Max Nunnally. It’s just athletic kids who’ve bought into what we’re doing, selfless guys with one goal, and that’s to win,” said Coach Felton. 


Coach Felton ended the BSN Interview explaining that during his two seasons as a head football coach that relationships helped drive the success of the program. 


The team is led by William Felton Head Coach, Tex Blair Assistant Coach, M. Bridgeford Assistant Coach, Chaz Lewis Assistant Coach, X. Clifton Assistant Coach, Armond Scott Assistant Coach, Steve Hoover Assistant Coach


Next up to face the bulldogs on the turf are the Rams at home on Friday, September 17, 2021, at 7:30 p.m.