Board Policies and Regulations

  • Click here to view the current Board Policies in Simbli.

    Board Policy Transition

    The Board is in the process of transitioning the district to the governance model that is recommended by the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA). Over the next several months, the Board will review and adopt a large number of policies that CSD is required to have by the state legislature. GSBA drafted the initial set of policies adopted which are mostly routine operating procedures. 

    The Board will review initial draft policies for the first time during regularly scheduled Board meetings.  These initial drafts will appear in the Board agenda under the heading “Policy Review - 1st Review” in the Discussion Section.

    After the 1st review by the Board, the policies will be published for public review. All members of the CSD community are invited to review and provide comments on the policies. Please visit the Simbli site to see the policies currently in the public review process. As the Board fully adopts policies, you can access them through the CSD Simbli site.

    After the review period of roughly four weeks or the time between meetings, the Board will vote on the final versions of the policies. Policies up for final approval will be on the Board agenda in the Action Section as “Board Policies for Approval.”