Degrees and Certifications:

Glenda Carter

Hello Owl Family! 

My name is Glenda Carter. This is my twenty-second year with City Schools of Decatur and my fifteenth year working with kindergartners. I started with the school system as a Westchester “Wildcat” for five years. Then, I flew to higher heights to become an "Oakhurst Owl". I have a lovefor students, and I am a strong believer in “They don’t always remember what you teach them, but they’ll never forget how you treat them.” I am a native of South Carolina, the real peach state of the world. I come from a long line of educators who taught me not to fear hard work and sacrifice. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Office Administration at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina.  My greatest claims to fame are my husband, three daughters, granddaughter and grandson. They, along with my faith, are my renewal after a long day with my students. I have two children who were educated in the Decatur School System, and now they are educators themselves.  I enjoy sewing, gardening and traveling with my family. I am looking forward to a great year with a group of wise owls, kindergartners.