Special Education Department

  • The Department of Special Education (DSE) facilitates the provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations to students with disabilities (SWDs) ages 3-21 that reside in the City of Decatur. This is accomplished by partnering with students, families, schools, and the community. Special Education program and services are provided on a continuum ranging from consultative to full special education services. This continuum is designed to ensure that programs are available to students with disabilities and that the least restrictive environment is determined based on unique student needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    1. Who do I contact regarding a concerning with my child's IEP? 

    Your child's case manager is the first and most important point of contact for all IEP related matters including scheduling IEP meetings, IEP progress reports, and names or contact information for other IEP service providers as needed.  The school principal is the next level of contact for parents who have unresolved concerns after speaking to the IEP case manager or teacher. 

    2.  My child does not yet have an IEP, but I have concerns about their performance and/or I have a private evaluation that I want the school system to consider.  What should I do to begin the process for considering if my child is eligible for an IEP? 

    3.  My child attends a private or home school within the CSD attendance zone. Who do I contact regarding accessing proportionate share services? 

    Katria Reid, Special Education Coordinator

    4.  Our family is moving to CSD and we want to learn more about the Special Education Program because my child has an IEP.  How do we get information?  

    For general information, either Special Education Coordinator, Renee Washington or Katria Reid, can provide information about the move-in process for students moving to CSD from another district or another state. 

    5. How do I obtain a copy of my child's IEP or eligibility reports?  

    The IEP case manager can provide a copy of the IEP, eligibility documents, or IEP progress reports. For records requests involving multiple years of documents, contact the Special Education Lead Teacher for your child's school.   Special Education Lead Teacher's or SELT's contact information per school is listed on this website.  

    6.  Who do I contact regarding School Psychology or Section 504 district-level related questions in CSD? 

    Mr. Ben Knaebel, Coordinator for School Psychology and Section 504. In CSD School Psychology and Section 504 are supervised by the Department of Student Support Services

    7.  How does the District-Level Special Education Department support schools? We work in alignment with the CSD Framework for Equitable Outcomes and support schools by:

    • Creating processes and procedures to consistently implement the required state and federal components of IDEA as well as we monitor the implementation of the program.
    • Providing coaching and feedback to teachers and administrators on implementing high-quality Evidence-Based interventions and Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) for students with IEPs.
    • Providing support to parents and staff designed to create meaningful partnerships between schools, families, and the community that ultimately lead to significant gains in student achievement and increased family engagement.

    8.  How do I provide feedback to the department?

    • Every year, the GaDOE opens a survey for parents of students with IEPs. The survey is designed to measure parent engagement in the IEP process.  Data is collected and provided to the district and specific schools.  Typically, the survey opens in January and closes in May.  When the survey is available, a link is available on this website, is sent home via the schools' newsletters, and is also sent via email from case managers, the SELTs, and/or our parent mentor.  
    • For stakeholders who want to provide feedback on a more ongoing basis or in a more in-depth manner (two-way communication opportunity), this form is available. The form is reviewed by the district-level special education leadership on a monthly basis. 

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